The Five Essentials

The Five Essentials

Deep down you know you were made for more than this. You are succeeding in some areas of life, but chances are you feel the need for some growth and improvement in other areas. There are countless approaches to the many areas of self-improvement, but there are five key areas that matter the most.

If you want to reach your maximum potential, The Five Essentials will help you develop a straightforward plan to grow in each area:


Map out a plan to accelerate debt reduction and develop wealth.

Maximize nutrition, weight loss, and muscle gain.

Expand your capacity to learn, dream bigger, and achieve your goals.

Develop your people skills to increase likeability, decrease conflict, and maximize the relationships in your life.

Grow closer to God, experience peace, and know His purpose and plan for your life.

Teaching Series beginning January 6

In The Five Essentials teaching series, Lead Pastor Brandon Park will help us dig deeper into the Five Essentials and lead us in creating a biblically-based plan for our own personal growth and development. The Five Essentials series begins Sunday, January 6, at:

Raytown Campus – 9:30am and 5:00pm
Lee's Summit Campus – 9:30 & 11:00am
Online Campus – 9:30am


Resources – available late December

The Five Essentials of Life Book
Dr. Brandon Park will give you the insights, tools, tips, and techniques that will enable you to make the most out of the life God has given you. You will maximize your productivity and cultivate laser-like focus as you discover what it means to live a balanced and growing life.

The Five Essentials Trailhead Planner
Dr. Brandon Park partnered with Trailhead Journals to create a quarterly planner to help you schedule your progress in the essential areas. Don't forget: What gets scheduled is what gets done!