That One Kid

As I’ve probably mentioned, I had the fine opportunity of going to the CentriKid children’s camp this summer at Southwest Baptist University. On the first day, one of the boys--I’ll call him JD--a young man who had absolutely driven me nuts for a year on Sunday mornings, walked up to me.

The Biggest Fan in the Stadium

A few minutes ago, the Kansas City Chiefs won their third game of the season, downing the Chargers in Los Angeles. As the TV crew showed shots of the crowds there in the Chargers’ temporary stadium, we noticed the large number of Kansas City fans (or people inexplicably wearing red and gold) in the stands.

Too Busy to Feel Alone

I have to confess to not being a newlywed, married for 35 years, but at times lately I have had some of those first-married insecurities. You see, over the first 32 or so years that Penny and I have spent together, we did most of our ministry together.

My Diet Plan

A week ago in this space, I confessed to my gluttonous ways. Over the past three weeks, I’ve succeeded in behaving myself, losing in excess of two pounds each week. I’m perfectly happy with weight loss at that pace, which will get me into an acceptable range before the year’s end and right where I want to be before the winter is well advanced.

Stand Out Among the Crowd

The first nine chapters of 1 Chronicles are not the most thrilling chapters in the Bible. The pages are filled with what we often refer to as the “begats” – so and so begat so-and-so who begat so-and-so and so on and so forth.

The 100% Achievement

Since I was telling about an underwhelming student yesterday, let me share with you a guy who has really delighted me. I didn’t get to see what sort of a goal this fellow would set since he was in my Composition II class instead of Comp I. Still, I’m confident that he sets goals.

Mediocre Is Failure

In my Composition I class, I ask each student to formulate a goal that can be achieved during the course of the semester. Each of the papers during the term will be based in some way on that goal, but my favorite part of this approach is to listen to the various goals that students concoct.