WKND’18 Parent Session

Parents of teenagers, you are invited to Your Digital Tattoo: A parent’s guide on how to help your teen leave a positive mark on-line and in life. Join WKND’18 guest speaker Robert Smith on Saturday, April 7, at 2:00pm in the Student Auditorium as he lays out some practical advice on how to help your teen be a healthy digital citizen.

Navigating through the digital world of a teenager can be exhausting! Online dangers, ruined reputations, bullying, sexting, pornography, media addiction, etc... Although the dangers are real, most teens don’t realize their online choices can affect them for the rest of their life. Does this task seem daunting? Don’t stress out we’re here to help. Robert has been speaking on teen culture topics for over 10 years. He will use his experience to equip you with practical advice, statistics, stories, and resources to help you engage your student. He will be discussing some of the key points to leaving a positive mark online and in life. You won’t want to miss it!