Connection Groups

Connection Groups

Connection Point Church meets as a large group on Sundays and many small groups throughout the week. Think of small groups as a “micro-church.” Our model for ministry is actually the very first church in the Bible. In Acts 5:42 it says, “The first church met day after day in the temple courts and from house to house.” On Sunday, people come together and experience God’s powerful presence, hear teaching from Pastor Brandon, and serve others within the life of the church. But it’s during the week, that people will find themselves in the kinds of disciple-making environments and relationships that help them to stick to the church and to keep on growing spiritually. We encourage you to get involved in at least one of four avenues for small group discipleship. Click on any of the types of groups below to find out more.

Bible study groups that meet on Sundays and throughout the week.

Support groups for those dealing with troubles, tensions, or transitions.

Join with others who share your same hobbies and interests.

One-on-one personal coaching on discipleship.