Starting Wednesday, June 6!

LifeShare groups are fun activity-based groups that are designed to help you build relationships with others who like to do what you like to do. You can join with others who share your same hobbies and interests each summer at Connection Point.

If you have an activity you would like to lead, please let us know by May 31.

Questions? Contact Carla Williams at 778-1152 or

Here’s just a sample of what we LifeShare groups from past summers:

BBQ Meal
Board Games
Building a Cigar Box Guitar
Card Playing
Celebration Choir
Celebration Orchestra
Coffee at Eleos Coffee House
Cropping with Joy
Cutting with a Cricut
Hands-On Exploration of a Healthy Lifestyle
Jewelry Making
KC Fun Walks with Tour Guide Jeff
Ladies Coffee, Craft, & Chat
Motorcycle Riding
Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor
Read Through the Bible (NT) in 8 Weeks
Scrapbook a Legacy of Faith
Teaching the Bible Interactively
The Basics of Prayer
Tour the World Without Leaving KC!
Walking Daily

Things you need to know about leading a LifeShare:

  • LifeShare groups will kick off on Wednesday, June 6.
  • We will kick off the LifeShare season with a GroupLink event on Sunday, June 3.
  • Find a co-leader. This will make it easier on you and will keep the group meeting in case of illness or scheduling conflics.
  • Groups can reserve a room at the church to use on Wednesday evenings.
  • If you want to hold your group in your home or offsite elsewhere, you can meet any day of the week that works for you.
  • You can decide how many weeks you want your group to meet. We recommend a minimum of four weeks.
  • The cost of supplies for your group must be covered by you as the leader or by each participant.
  • It’s not difficult! Just find something you love to do and share it with others!