Carla Williams

Small Groups Director

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Staff member since 2008

Carla Williams

Carla was introduced to the FBR staff in 2008 as the Assistant to the Children’s Ministry Director. After that, she moved over into the Worship Ministry to work with FBR’s Celebration Academy of the Arts. It wasn’t long before she came back to the Discipleship Ministry as Student Ministry Assistant and Calendar Coordinator. In May 2013, Carla moved into her current role, in which she provides support for our Discipleship & Groups Ministry.

Carla loves all things beautiful – places, people, things, quotes, deeds, and of course the word itself. She is a closet mixed media artist, who enjoys a good vintage find, which plays into her love of beautiful things. Keeping with the theme, Carla journals the beauty God brings to her life – the joys, the triumphs, and even the tribulations.

As a new teenage believer, one of the first scriptures Carla memorized was Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” That verse proved to be quite instrumental in building her faith as she grew into adulthood.