Carmen Kraus

Missions Coordinator

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Staff member since 2005

Carmen Kraus

In 2005, Carmen joined the FBR staff in the Recreation Ministry, but before that, she worked on staff as part of Little Learners Preschool. Carmen’s heart for outreach and missions and expertise in recreation shows in the passion she exudes as she works with our community and church family.

Carmen is a ballerina at heart. She actually received her college degree in Recreation Therapy and Dance. She uses that passion and skill as she teaches her Group X classes in the ROC. Carmen loves to be outside, so it’s a good thing her family is made up of guys who also love to be outside. Carmen and her husband, Will, have two boys, Tylor and Tannor.

Carmen likes to make Ephesians 6:10 her own by saying, “I am strong in the Lord and the power of his might!” She reminds herself of this often. The verse encourages her to keep on keeping on when things are hard. She knows she is not alone and that with His strength, she will be able to accomplish what is set in front of her. She also hopes others will see His strength through her.