Chad Melton

Chad Melton

Campus Pastor - Lee's Summit Campus

Call Chad's Office 816-778-1123

Staff member since 2012

Chad Melton

The son of a pastor, Chad joined the team of pastors on staff at FBR in September 2012. Chad preaches, leads worship, and cooks a mean steak all with great passion and energy. He works with our students, creating leaders and equipping teens to grow in their daily walk with God.

Chad and his wife, Jodee, who is also heavily involved in the FBR Student Ministry, have a daughter, Lillee, and son, Lincoln. Chad loves the time he gets to spend with his amazing family. Most people look to spices or sauces to add flavor to a meal, but in Chad’s opinion, salsa and bacon are all you need to improve almost any dish. And though Chad may not look super tough, he’s pretty sure he could take Jason Bourne in a fight. We’d have to see that one to believe it!

John 3:3 helps keep things in perspective with what’s most important in life. It helps Chad remember that it’s not about him; it’s about worshiping and bringing glory to God.

“He must increase and I must decrease.” John 3:30