Ron Haley

Discipleship & Groups Pastor

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Staff member since 2015

Ron Haley

A new addition to the pastor team at FBR, Ron Haley joined the staff in February 2015 as Discipleship & Groups Pastor. Ron oversees our Next Steps counseling and follow up, community outreach, first impressions team, and FBR Groups – LifeStudies, LifeGroups, LifeLines, LifeShare, and LifeCoach.

Ron has a huge heart for ministry because of how much he loves the two main components: God and people. He loves being able to have a profession where he can spend the day sharing the greatness of God and helping the people around him see how much God loves them. The people Ron loves most are his family, which is made up of his wife, Sunnie, and his two teenage sons, JP and Luke. Beyond being a family man and having a huge heart for ministry, Ron is just a regular guy. He claims that the movie Top Gun changed his life, he had a short-lived modeling career, and he cried when American philosopher Dallas Willard died. He is quite the well-rounded individual!

One of Ron's favorite sayings is, "I can be a bad you or a good me!" He takes this from a rap song by LaCrae. It helps him remember that God made each one of us in a special way and we have no need to try to be like anyone else.