The 100% Achievement

1 Chronicles 4:10

Go beyond average with growing faith.

Since I was telling about an underwhelming student yesterday, let me share with you a guy who has really delighted me. I didn’t get to see what sort of a goal this fellow would set since he was in my Composition II class instead of Comp I. Still, I’m confident that he sets goals.

This guy’s name is Opie. I know that conjures images of Ron Howard walking to the fishing hole with Andy Griffith, but it’s more manageable than his full name. Born in Nigeria, Opie came to the United States young enough so that his English is strong and old enough that he has a great African accent.

While the student from yesterday thought he would be doing something by attending seventy percent of the time, Opie determined to have perfect attendance. When we had optional workdays, he showed up. On a couple of days when nobody had to attend but I was in my office, he showed up.

About the time that he had attended 70% of the classes, he announced that he intended to earn an A for the course. I thought a B lay in his future, but each day, he repeated his intention to get an A.

On the last day of the course, after he’d driven me crazy with this for a month, I handed him an index card with an “A” penned on it. But here’s the thing. He wound up earning that A. It wasn’t an obvious, knock-your-socks-off A, but it was well deserved. He believed and then he achieved.

God wants us to believe and then achieve. He doesn’t want us to settle for what our own abilities, our own skills, our own strength can muster. Instead, He wants us to believe in all the bounty only He can provide.

  • In what area of your life do you have a shortage of faith?
  • What steps can you take to build up your faith in the goodness and provision of God?
  • Pray that God will guide you in increasing your faith with each passing day.
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