Alaska Mission Trip – Update #5

"This week has been so fun and I have loved spending time with all the kids. Even though we are on our missions trip these kids are teaching us too. I have also loved spending time with our youth group and making great friends!" - Emma Bulson

"Spending time with these kids in their territory has been a different experience than I'm used to and it's interesting to interact with them on their terms! This week has been non-stop activity but it's been totally worth it to just go play games with the kids and run around with them!" - Eric Lugenbeel

Please celebrate! We had over 50 people at the new park last night, between kids and parents. It was, to be honest, a MUCH better turnout than we expected. Please say a prayer today for Alex, a 9-year-old who genuinely prayed to receive Christ last night! He's a great kid who was excited to give his life to Jesus.

Our final update will come tomorrow (Saturday) evening as we are waiting to board the airplane. Thank you for praying!

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