Alaska Mission Trip - Update #6

"Today was a wet and cold day and the last we spend in Alaska. Overall the week was fun and filled with surprises, from how many kids and parents came to the park parties, to the places we went like Iditarod. We are very tired and sore from playing with the kids during the week. The boat ride today was cold and wet, but was still a good time. Even though the plane ride back will be long, we Alas kan still do it." – Matthew Black

"Last day was a bit different than the rest in terms of occupation, today we went on a boat tour and saw the glaciers. We spent a lot of time in a car as well. All in all the trip was worth it but I am ready to go home and relax." – Ben White

"I have loved this trip so much, and I'm sad to see it end. I heard some tough stories from a lot of these kids, and I am so grateful to have hung out and made crafts with them. Hopefully they understood something we told them about Jesus, but I also hope they felt loved by us, and that they can understand how Christ loves them even when they may not feel loved or cared for by their families." – Abby Kujath

Please pray: There are more mission teams on their way to Alaska RIGHT NOW to serve these communities next week.

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