Be the Connection

You can be the connection in someone's life! In fact, it's really simple:

Wear your What's the Point? shirt

Wear your What's the Point? t-shirt every Saturday in September to let people know you can help connect them to Jesus, others, and God's purpose for their lives! If you haven't received your free What's the Point? t-shirt, you can pick one up in the main lobby at the Raytown Campus this Sunday.

Be the connection online

Your social media accounts reach hundreds to thousands daily, so why not use social media as a way to tell others about your connection? Here are some ways to be the connection point online.

Change your profile picture
Your profile picture shows up every time you post, like, comment, share, etc. We challenge you to add our Facebook frame to your profile picture for the entire month of September and to add as a caption a way our church helped you connect to Jesus, others, or God’s purpose for your life. Don’t forget to add our hashtags #iamthecp and #connectionpoint.

Go to and search Connection Point Church to find our I am the Connection Point frame.

Post your What’s the Point? selfies
We encourage you to take a picture of yourself every time you wear your What’s the Point? shirt and post it online. We’d love to see all of the places our shirts are being worn – the grocery store, school, sporting events, family gatherings, etc. Don’t forget to add our hashtags #iamthecp and #connectionpoint.

Update your status
Can you think of ways our church has helped you connect with Jesus, others, and God’s purpose for your life? Try posting one brief example every week in September. Let’s explain how Connection Point Church can be a great place for those looking for connection. Don’t forget to add our hashtags #iamthecp and #connectionpoint.

Why the hashtag?
A hashtag is a way to tag your social media post so that it will be grouped with everyone else’s #iamthecp and #connectionpoint posts. That way when someone clicks on the #iamthecp and #connectionpoint links, all of our pictures and status updates appear in one place and they will see just how many people are truly connected at Connection Point Church!

What is the Point?

Sometimes it’s not easy to put it into words, so here are some ideas to help you get started if someone asks you about your shirt:
•  “The point is connection. At Connection Point Church, we think it’s important to point others to a connection with Jesus, with one another, and with God’s purpose for our lives.”
•  “This is a shirt for my church – Connection Point (formerly First Baptist Raytown). We have a campus in Raytown and online. And we just opened a new campus in Lee’s Summit. You should check us out!”
•  “The point is to tell others about how God changed my life...”

If someone asks, they really want to know, so don’t be afraid to be the connection! God will use whatever you say. It just takes a willing spirit!


Pick up some cards at the Connect Center to invite the people you encounter this month to get connected to Jesus, one another, and God’s purpose for their lives so they can be the connection point for someone else.

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Alyson has served as the Communications Director at Connection Point Church since 2007. In addition to writing and handling administrative tasks for the Communications Team, she is the website content manager, social media director, project manager for special projects, and video announcement coordinator.