The Biggest Fan in the Stadium

2 Timothy 4:18

Recognize God’s presence to overcome loneliness.

A few minutes ago, the Kansas City Chiefs won their third game of the season, downing the Chargers in Los Angeles. As the TV crew showed shots of the crowds there in the Chargers’ temporary stadium, we noticed the large number of Kansas City fans (or people inexplicably wearing red and gold) in the stands. Having been in games of that sort, I can imagine that even had I jumped a plane and flown to L.A. alone, sitting in a single seat between Chargers fans, I would have felt the weird camaraderie that appears when complete strangers can join together to cheer a team’s victory.

As of right now, the Chiefs are 3-0, looking pretty solid for the season. It’s probably going to get more and more fun to be a fan as the season progresses. Those road games will more than likely continue to be peppered with people in red jerseys and that sense of shared exuberance will probably grow.

Or maybe not. Maybe the team will crash and burn like the Royals did in the second half of this season. Maybe it’ll become a grueling experience to go to the stadiums and watch them.

That sense of team joy requires a winning team. It’s tough to get excited, to bond with the others in the stands, when the players on the field seem hapless. I suppose that’s how it should be.

When the Chiefs fail, God will still be great. When the Chiefs are great, God will still be immeasurably greater. We should find it tough to feel abandoned and alone when God is present. He’s always present, always a winner. The problem with me as a fan of God is me.

  • How often do you feel especially aware of God’s presence? What brings out that awareness?
  • When do you find it difficult to recognize that presence?
  • Pray that God will help you to not only seek but sense His presence whenever you need it most.
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