A Global Impact

As I’m writing this, I’m coming back from Peru after a seven-day mission trip. Compassion International flew me down to Peru to join their team and see what they are doing in regards to church planting and reaching children in the deepest levels of extreme poverty.

We traveled to two villages in Piura (northern Peru) where I saw poverty on a level like I’ve never seen before. These families receive water for just three hours once a month! They live in shacks with dirt floors and no furniture. This one particular family of seven sleeps in a tiny room with only two twin beds. It was a sobering sight. But it was also amazing to hear the stories of how these families lives have been changed by Compassion International. Through monthly sponsors back here in the states, these children receive food, clothing, a Christ-centered education, and most importantly, the gospel of Jesus Christ is shared with them and they are discipled to become a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

I couldn’t be any more impressed with the work that Compassion International is doing all around the world. So what would it look like if we, as Connection Point, were to plant a campus of our church in a foreign country? For $77,000 we can build not just a church to hold worship services, but also a complete Child Development Center (attached to the church) complete with everything needed to provide for these kids' needs – classroom space, kitchen, sanitary bathroom facilities, etc. It excites me to think of the possibilities of how our church could have an impact on the lives of thousands of children and forever altar an unreached village for God’s kingdom. So join me in prayer as we consider the possibilities of how we can multiply our church’s kingdom impact around the world.

About the Author

Brandon Park

Lead Pastor

Dr. Brandon Park came to Connection Point Church in September 2012, when he began working with church leadership to shape the vision for the church, giving the church momentum to grow and move forward in ministry.