Rest While Harvey Rages

Mark 4:40

Rest in the presence of Jesus

Hurricane Harvey has made landfall in Texas and will be churning inland over the next couple of days, losing strength as it cannot pick up unlimited water from the Gulf of Mexico but still creating a lot of havoc. Think of the problems that the Kansas City area saw last week with five to ten inches of rain in one night. In Texas they’re predicting somewhere around forty inches of rain, possibly peaking at fifty in some places. The rain and associated flooding are so monumental that nobody’s even talking about the winds, but they will be far more severe than anything we have experienced around here, aside from a tornado.

So to the people of south Texas, I say, “Relax.”

What a stupid thing to say, right? But honestly, even in the face of a catastrophe, the Christian should be able to rest in the presence of Jesus. Resting in Jesus does not mean that life will be constantly peaceful and serene. Sometimes that rest will take place as the world is crumbling around our feet.

A parent is dying? Rest. A job is disappearing? Rest. A child is ill? Rest. Rest does not mean that we become complacent or inactive, but it means that we don’t struggle, our guts knotted up, worried about the outcome.

The outcome, we can be assured, is that God’s side wins. In the long run, we as individuals win. Yes, there might be a storm in between, but that doesn’t keep us from resting in Jesus.

  • Are you constantly aware of the presence of Jesus in your life? How?
  • What prevents you from being relaxed and satisfied by the presence of Jesus?
  • Pray that God will make His presence more manifest to you with each passing day.
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