Worship Pastor Search Update

Church Family,

The Worship Pastor Search Team is excited to tell you about the progress being made to find our next Worship Pastor. In our last blog we communicated that our Search Team had formed and that we had been focusing on listening and learning from our church family as well as other Worship Pastors around the nation, specifically regarding the needs, desires, and trends for this very important position.  

Since then, the Search Team spent a great deal of time combing through approximately 40 résumés/applications submitted for the role. After reviewing the résumés against our ideal candidate profile, the Search Team came together for a full day to narrow the candidate pool. Following this meeting the committee started questioning if the ideal candidate for Connection Point was in the applicant pool. Nonetheless, the Search Team finalized a list of top candidates to begin the formal interview process. As the Search Team started the interview process it became very apparent that God had another plan for Connection Point Church.

Following this realization, the Search Team, along with Pastor Brandon, came together to pray and talk through the process to determine our next steps. Given the significance and impact this position has on our church family, the Search Team and our Leadership Team felt led to talk with a consultant, resulting in the decision to work with a recruiting organization to help us find our next Worship Pastor. That organization is Slingshot Group, a non-profit organization that partners to find the best leaders for churches. We are excited to partner with an organization that specializes in exactly what we need. The Search Team will continue to be a part of the search process, and we will work with Slingshot Group to ensure they have a full understanding of the needs of Connection Point Church.

We know that God's hand is at work in this process. Please continue to pray for the Search Team, our church leaders,  Slingshot Group, and our future Worship Pastor. We understand how important this person will be to our church and seek nothing more than to do the will of our Lord.  We will leave the timing in God's hands. We hope to notify the church family of exciting news soon!

- The Worship Pastor Search Team

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Worship Pastor Search Team

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