You Can't Do Everything

Mark 4:35

Remember the promise of Jesus.

You’ve probably heard it before: “You can accomplish anything in the world if you want it badly enough.” After careful consideration, I’ve determined that this little saying is utter nonsense. While people can accomplish a great number of things, there are many and considerable limitations. For example, I’m pretty certain that, no matter how badly I want it, I will never be able to dunk a basketball. I’m pretty certain that, regardless of desire, I’ll never be the wealthiest man in the world. And what do we say of people who die of cancer? Did they just not want to live sufficiently to cure themselves?

Can I be a U.S. Senator from the State of Missouri if I want it badly enough? I guess that could happen, but what if there is somebody else who wants it really badly also. Does the win go to the person with better connections and better skills or does it go to the one who really wants it?

The whole idea that you can wish yourself to any destination is pretty absurd when we look at it closely enough. A fervent wish is like a promise to yourself, and you and I just don’t have the juice to keep every imaginable promise, no matter how badly we want to.

On the other hand, when God makes the promise, there’s no wishful thinking involved. When He says He’ll be with us even to the end of the age, then He will. When He says, through Paul, that if we believe and confess we’ll be saved, then we will. And when Jesus said that the crew wasn’t going to try to cross the lake but were actually going to cross the lake, they were going to reach that destination.

Yes, Yoda said, “Do or not do. There is no try.” But Jesus beat him to it by 2,000 years.

  • Do you remember and rely on the promises of God? Which ones?
  • Which of God’s promises do you need to remember to weather the storms life is sending you today?
  • Pray that God will help you to learn and lean upon His promises as recorded in the Bible.
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