Christian Living

Stand Out Among the Crowd

The first nine chapters of 1 Chronicles are not the most thrilling chapters in the Bible. The pages are filled with what we often refer to as the “begats” – so and so begat so-and-so who begat so-and-so and so on and so forth.

Jesus Is in Your Boat

No matter who you are, you have experienced storms. Storms are so common in life, that each person is either coming out of a storm, going into a storm, or right in the middle of a storm. And I'm not talking about the weather.

Relax Under Pressure

I can’t imagine the kind of pressure the disciples felt when they realized they had a crowd of hungry people in front of them needing to be fed. I feel enough pressure when I have to feed my three kids with a fully-stocked pantry when Carrie is out. I wouldn’t know what to do with thousands of mouths to feed and no Chick-fil-A in sight.

10 Steps to Overcome Racism

My heart has been grieved and deeply disturbed by everything that I’ve watched take place in the country this week. It is truly tragic and heart-wrenching what took place in Charlottesville last weekend. The racial divide in this country is now wider than it’s been since the 1960s.

Called to Be Encouragers

As Americans we idolize independence. We have bought into a myth that says that the key to happiness is independence. Obviously that’s not true. God says that the key to happiness is not independence but interdependence. We need each other.