Rest While Harvey Rages

Hurricane Harvey has made landfall in Texas and will be churning inland over the next couple of days, losing strength as it cannot pick up unlimited water from the Gulf of Mexico but still creating a lot of havoc. Think of the problems that the Kansas City area saw last week with five to ten inches of rain in one night.

You Can't Do Everything

You’ve probably heard it before: “You can accomplish anything in the world if you want it badly enough.” After careful consideration, I’ve determined that this little saying is utter nonsense. While people can accomplish a great number of things, there are many and considerable limitations.

The Faith of Forty-Two

What is the significance of April 15? If you think of taxes and the IRS when you see that date, I understand, but there’s something historical that’s worth noting here. On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson made his major-league debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers, becoming the first black man to play major league baseball in the modern era.

The Magic of Micro

If you’re like me, you are no big deal. But God can work through the small acts of middling people to do amazing things. But it takes a willingness to trust that a microaffection can become something greater in the hands of someone greater.

No Solution at All

Did you feel the same way that I felt a weekend ago as protesters and counter-protesters converged on Charlottesville and, rather than expressing their heart-felt ideas about the flaws in our society, launched into full-blown street battles? Whether you’re inclined to agree more with those on one side or the other...

Walk this Way

This coming Sunday is Promotion Sunday for the younger people in the church. In our preschool, children’s, and student classes, everyone will be moving up a year. In the children’s Powerhouse area, where you’ll find me during the 9:15 hour every Sunday, the old fourth graders will be leaving us to head down the hall as fifth graders...

Lost and Found

Allow me to tell you something that my grandkids do to make me crazy. Every time they’re at my house and it’s approaching time for them to go home, I’ll make a general announcement: “We’re leaving in ten minutes. You need to be ready to walk out the door at that time.” They grunt their approval and return to whatever they were doing.

The First Step

I’ve never been involved with a twelve-step program, but I’ve been around enough people who have and watched enough TV to understand one thing about the process. In the meetings, a person speaks up and says something like this: “Hi, I’m Ed, and I’m an alcoholic.”

Starting the Journey Home

I’m not much of a basketball fan, but an image from a long-ago game sticks into my mind. Larry Bird, playing for the Celtics, was on fire one night. He takes a shot from beyond the three-point line and immediately heads toward the other end of the floor. Did he wait to see if the shot would fall? No. He just knew.

When It Rains, It Pours

Have you noticed that we don’t just get gentle rains this summer? Instead, we seem to be getting a minimum rainfall of an inch at a time, all of it falling in about fifteen minutes. This last Saturday night, we had another gutter-buster. My mother’s rain gauge, just a block away from my house, registered five inches of rain, although it is possible that some of that came from gutter overflow.