Carmen Kraus

Carmen Kraus

Missions Coordinator

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Staff member since 2005

Carmen Kraus

What is your role at Connection Point?
My role is to help connect people to ways the can use their gifts and talents to give go and pray for those needing to be reached with Jesus love.

What's your favorite part of serving at Connection Point?
A favorite part is my church is my family. Another favorite for me is I am able to use my passion and love of dance through A Time to Dance.

Tell us something about yourself!
I am married to my high school sweetheart Will and we have two adult sons Tylor and Tannor.  My family is very connected with the military and Missouri government as my husband has served in both and my son in the military. I grew up in Sadelia Missouri graduated college from central Missouri State University in Warrensburg. I’ve been able to serve on staff at Connection Point Church since 1998 in my many areas in Little learners preschool, Discovery Home School Academy, A Time to Dance, the ROC fitness center, as the Sports and Recreation Director, as an administrative assistant, Group Exercise Instructor and now as the Mission Coordinator. I also enjoy volunteering in the Kids Ministry. When I was in high school the Lord told me I would be a missionary to children. He showed me a picture of myself with many different types of children sitting at my feet. Through my working and volunteering at Connection Point I have been able to see for myself doing what God asked me to do.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I love to use the gift of dance/movement to teach children and adults. My favorite times of the week are when I leading PraiseMoves, ballet class, cheer practice or other types of movement classes. I always remind them that our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit and dance is a form of worship to God.