Pastor Search Team

Meet the Team

On Sunday, October 20, the church voted unanimously to approve the Pastor Search Team as recommended by the Transition Team and Deacon Body.


Ryan Connely
Raytown Campus

Steve Cox Sr.
Raytown Campus

Kim Crawford
Raytown Campus

Al Dial
Raytown Campus

Brian Edwards
Raytown Campus

Lewis Hurtt
Raytown Campus

Preston Land
Lee's Summit Campus

Julie Ray
Raytown Campus

Dave Thompson
Lee's Summit Campus

Kaitlyn Williams
Raytown Campus

Pastor Search Team

Team Nominations

The Pastor Search Team nomination period is now closed. As a reminder, here is the information we provided to encourage the church in making nominations:

In order to identify the man God seeks to place in our pulpit, we need to assemble a Pastor Search Team. Who should comprise that team? We need them to be all alike and totally different.

Our search team should be all of one mind – church members who attend worship regularly and serve faithfully, who contribute regularly to the church financial budget, and are obedient to God’s Spirit and demonstrate spiritual maturity.

But our search team should also reflect the powerful diversity of our church, varied in age (at least 18 years old), culture, economic status, family situation, and the other things that make us the many parts of a single body.

In other words, help us find a group of godly people, not all of whom are just like you.

Additional criteria for members of the Pastor Search Team are:

  1. Respected within the congregation.
  2. Priority commitment to seeking and following God’s will for the church.
  3. Commit to personal, spiritual, and intellectual preparation for the task of seeking a Senior Pastor.
  4. Agree to pray for each member of the Pastor Search Team and the work of the church.
  5. Healthy interpersonal relationship skills and be able to relate to each member of the Pastor Search Team.
  6. Be available to attend Search Team meetings and travel occasionally.  Additional time must be committed to Pastor Search Team work.
  7. Pastor Search Team members must maintain confidentiality.
  8. Be faithful to the ministries of the church so members of the church will continue to have confidence in the Pastor Search Team.
  9. Understand and effectively communicate the history, vision, and ministries of the church to perspective pastors being considered by the Pastor Search Team.
  10. Understands the diversity and dynamics of the church and community.
  11. No agenda based on either self-interest or another group’s interest.

Send your nominations to by July 31.
You can also provide your nominations directly to one of the Transition Team members from now until July 31.