Transition Timeline

Transition Timeline

As any church will tell you, there is no way to set a specific timeline for a season of transition. We pray that we will find the next Lead Pastor for Connection Point quickly, but we are trusting God and following His timing. We will update this page often as we have calendar updates and as we move through the stages of our transition.

Important Dates

Watch for more dates coming soon!


Stages of Transition

Stage 1 – Reflect & Assess

At times, the first stage of the transition process may feel a bit passive, but it is an important foundational step toward us finding who God has for our next Lead Pastor.

During this stage, the Transition Team will:

  • Conduct listening sessions with LifeGroups
  • Perform demographic studies on our church and the Kansas City area
  • Assess the strenghts and weaknesses of Connection Point in relation our mission
Stage 2 – Form Pastor Search Team

The Transition Team is not the team who will search for our next Lead Pastor, but they will lead the process of forming the Lead Pastor Search Team.

During this stage, the Transition Team will:

  • Receive nominations for the Lead Pastor Search Team from the church*
  • Use nominations to select a team that well represents the multicultural and multigenerational diversity that makes up the Connection Point family
  • Present the Lead Pastor Search Team to the church for affirmation

*We will provide ample time and opportunity for you submit nominations when the time comes. Begin praying now about who you might recommend for this team.

Stage 3 – Begin Pastor Search

During this stage, the Lead Pastor Search Team will evaluate resumes and candidates while considering the information gathered by the Transition Team in Stage 1.

April 2020 Update
In his last update, Search Team Chair Steve Cox indicted the team was in the process of reviewing questionnaires from candidates.The team reviewed over 30 questionnaires over the last month. Last week they developed a focus list of 13 candidates. And the team is currently reviewing sermons and praying through this group seeking God’s man to lead CPC.  Please continue to pray for discernment and the team’s sensitivity to the Holy Spirit during this time.

More information about this stage will be made available in the coming weeks.

Stage 4 – Present Candidate to Church

Once the Lead Pastor Search Team believes they have found the man God has called to be the next Lead Pastor of Connection Point, they will present the candidate to the church for approval.

As stated in our Constitution & Bylaws, the Lead Pastor Search Team will bring the recommendation of a Lead Pastor. As a church, we will extend the call to the candidate upon the approval of 75% of the Active Members* voting at a special called business meeting.

More information about this stage will be provided as we near the end of Stage 3.


*An Active Member (as defined in our Constitution & Bylaws) has made a public statement of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, has been baptized by immersion, has completed the Starting Point New Member Class, and attends regularly.