Join us on Sundays!

5:00pm in Kid City

WAM stands for Worship Arts Ministry. We strive to teach kids many forms of worship arts — not just singing — that they can use for the rest of their lives. And we strive to minister to kids and their families and teach them to serve others through worship arts.

WAM Jr. – 3 yrs-K

WAM Jr. for 3 years (by July 31) through kindergarten will learn songs, rhythms, and movements as we work toward a performance for family and friends. Your child will enjoy playing games, using percussion instruments, mirroring movements, having fun with sounds, and learning how to use all of these to worship God.

WAM – 1st-5th grade

In WAM 1st-5th graders will be working on the musical Praystation, which will be performed in the spring! Praystation will not only teach your kids about trusting in God, it will ultimately teach them how to pray.

Time to level-up in Praystation! Your objective—To instill The Lord’s Prayer into your heart and mind! Your challenge—Get through this new, totally-rad, virtual reality video game from Christy Semsen without getting distracted by the tempting obstacles at each level! When you complete each level, you will officially accomplish the mission of learning a new portion from The Lord’s Prayer, ultimately beating the game by memorizing the prayer in its entirety!