Deacon Ministry

How can we serve you? How can we help you? In Acts 4:13 (ERV), we read: “The Jewish leaders understood that Peter and John had no special training or education. But they also saw that they were not afraid to speak. So the leaders were amazed. They also realized that Peter and John had been with Jesus.” Please pray for our deacons to be be men of good reputation, full of wisdom and the spirit – men who have been and continue to spend time with Jesus! Pray that they will serve with humility and grace, realizing the role of the deacon is not to tell the pastor what to preach or to pick the color of the carpet but to serve – serve widows, orphans, widowers, those in hospitals or care centers, the homebound, single parents, and those from whom we would not be able to expect anything in return. Deacons will also be praying specifically for your needs during worship services, at healing services, and during deacons meetings and other times as needed.

How can we serve you? If you have a need, you may contact us at

Rick Evans
Deacon Chairman