Pastor Transition Team Update

The Pastor Transition Team continues to meet and pray together and work on behalf of the Connection Point Church body to prepare for this transition season that is approaching. Pastor Brandon’s last Sunday is June 30. I hope you are planning to attend that special service as we have our Freedom Celebration and will also give Brandon and his family a hearty send off to celebrate their years of service.

Walk this Way

This coming Sunday is Promotion Sunday for the younger people in the church. In our preschool, children’s, and student classes, everyone will be moving up a year. In the children’s Powerhouse area, where you’ll find me during the 9:15 hour every Sunday, the old fourth graders will be leaving us to head down the hall as fifth graders...

Jesus, I Need Your Strength

You may not be physically paralyzed or weakened, but I’m sure you are facing what seems like an impossible situation in your life. But let me tell you that we make far too many assumptions today about what is possible and what is not possible. And the God whom I serve, the Jesus whom I serve said that with God all things are possible. So let me ask you, do you want to get well? Do you want to be made whole?

Lost and Found

Allow me to tell you something that my grandkids do to make me crazy. Every time they’re at my house and it’s approaching time for them to go home, I’ll make a general announcement: “We’re leaving in ten minutes. You need to be ready to walk out the door at that time.” They grunt their approval and return to whatever they were doing.

The First Step

I’ve never been involved with a twelve-step program, but I’ve been around enough people who have and watched enough TV to understand one thing about the process. In the meetings, a person speaks up and says something like this: “Hi, I’m Ed, and I’m an alcoholic.”

Starting the Journey Home

I’m not much of a basketball fan, but an image from a long-ago game sticks into my mind. Larry Bird, playing for the Celtics, was on fire one night. He takes a shot from beyond the three-point line and immediately heads toward the other end of the floor. Did he wait to see if the shot would fall? No. He just knew.

When It Rains, It Pours

Have you noticed that we don’t just get gentle rains this summer? Instead, we seem to be getting a minimum rainfall of an inch at a time, all of it falling in about fifteen minutes. This last Saturday night, we had another gutter-buster. My mother’s rain gauge, just a block away from my house, registered five inches of rain, although it is possible that some of that came from gutter overflow.