Pastor Transition Team Update

The Pastor Transition Team continues to meet and pray together and work on behalf of the Connection Point Church body to prepare for this transition season that is approaching. Pastor Brandon’s last Sunday is June 30. I hope you are planning to attend that special service as we have our Freedom Celebration and will also give Brandon and his family a hearty send off to celebrate their years of service.

Alaska Mission Trip - Update #6

"Today was a wet and cold day and the last we spend in Alaska. Overall the week was fun and filled with surprises, from how many kids and parents came to the park parties, to the places we went like Iditarod. We are very tired and sore from playing with the kids during the week. The boat ride today was cold and wet, but was still a good time. Even though the plane ride back will be long, we Alas kan still do it." – Matthew Black

Alaska Mission Trip – Update #5

"This week has been so fun and I have loved spending time with all the kids. Even though we are on our missions trip these kids are teaching us too. I have also loved spending time with our youth group and making great friends!" – Emma Bulson

Alaska Mission Trip - Update #4

"Our park has not had many kids at one time, but we have been able to invest in the few that have been coming each day." – Tristyn Goforth

Alaska Mission Trip - Update #3

"Between Iditarod dogs and a block party in the park, our day was full of fun and adventure! I know my favorite was going in the bounce house and playing with the kids. These kids are changing our lives, just as hopefully we are theirs." – Abbie Bulson

Alaska Mission Trip - Update #2

Yesterday was a wonderful and full day of ministry! We started off the day with a devotion and orientation, some prep time, and then we hit the parks for VBS.

Alaska Mission Trip - Update #1

After a LONG day of travel, we have arrived safely in Anchorage! Having the opportunity to be prayed over by our church family right before heading to the airport definitely helped us begin on the right foot. We are grateful for the Connection Point Family - for your support, your prayers, and your encouragement as we serve this week.