Life’s Final Moments

When a death is imminent, our pastors are honored to come and pray with you. If there is such a time, please contact the church office at 816-353-1994 and ask for Pastoral Care. We will make every effort to have someone come to you.

If this is after office hours, please contact our pastoral care number at 816-778-1110. The Pastoral Care Assistant on call will return your call as soon as possible.

Funeral Planning

When the death of a church member has occurred, our pastors would be honored to provide the service for your loved one here at the church, at the funeral home, or graveside depending on the family’s decision and availability of the church.  

Many of your questions may be answered in our Funeral Planning Guide, but if you have any additional questions regarding funeral or memorial planning, please contact the church office at 816-353-1994.