Pastor Transition Team Update

The Pastor Transition Team continues to meet and pray together and work on behalf of the Connection Point Church body to prepare for this transition season that is approaching. Pastor Brandon’s last Sunday is June 30. I hope you are planning to attend that special service as we have our Freedom Celebration and will also give Brandon and his family a hearty send off to celebrate their years of service.

In Quest of the Big Fish

After many years of anticipation, Star Wars fans were greeted with The Phantom Menace in 1999. This (in my opinion) dreadful installment of the Star Wars saga gave us Jar Jar Binks and a thousand nods to the first films from the 1970s and 80s.

Called to Be Encouragers

As Americans we idolize independence. We have bought into a myth that says that the key to happiness is independence. Obviously that’s not true. God says that the key to happiness is not independence but interdependence. We need each other.

Why Should We Worship?

Sunday morning is here and it is time once again to visit your local church home for a refreshing word from your faithful pastor. He has always been one to leave you challenged and energized after a detailed walk through the Scriptures.