Fast & Pray

on the 1st

The Connection Point Church family is encouraged to fast and pray the 1st day of every month, no matter on which day of the week it falls. We feel that aligning our fasting and prayer will strengthen and unify our church family as we move Forward by Faith together. If the Lord leads you to fast more frequently, we encourage you to follow His leading as it also aligns with guidance from your doctor.

Fast & Pray for...

God’s will for our growth

Wise decision making by the Finance Team

Wise management of the church’s budget

A clear plan to address our aging infrastructure

The sale of the Lee’s Summit property

The sale of the Morga missionary house

Individuals to give 10% more each month

Pastor Brian, Pastor Larry, other leaders, and staff to be sustained and rejuvenated by God’s grace so they can persevere through the work ahead

Your answer to “How can I help?”

Fasting Guides & Resources

If you are looking for guidance on how to fast or help understanding the why behind fasting, we encourage you to read the helpful guides linked below.

What Scripture Says About Fasting

Your Personal Guide to Fasting and Prayer
by Bill Bright

 Fasting: The Misunderstood Discipline
by Donald Whitney

5-Day Devotional on Biblical Fasting
available on the Bible App and

Your Fasting Stories

Encourage the church with your fasting experience! Share your testimony with us at

The time of church unified prayer and fasting was awesome! I believe that a greater bond will be formed as we encourage each other to participate and expect God to move mightily on our behalf. I have seen it for myself from my early twenties until now. So, trust me when I say it is well worth the sacrifice!

– Don Warren, Life Group Leader

 I knew if I was going to be successful in my fast I would have to rely on God to help me get through the 24 hours. What an amazing God we have as it was easier than I thought possible. It also helped me realize I need to be more intentional in my prayer life not only for my family but also in the life of our church. 

– Anonymous

The spiritual blessing that came out of my fast was far more powerful than any physical discomfort from abstaining from food for 24 hours. 

– Anonymous

My fasting went well. I truly felt God's presence as the day progressed and have seen His movement.  Starting with the prayers at the Lee's Summit property and progressing through my day, God was there and blessing me moment by moment.  His movement is coming to our church soon.

– Anonymous

My fasting experience was a blessing. I felt the Lord's presence and was surprisingly not hungry. I felt good and my attention was drawn more to Him and away from other distractions.

– Anonymous

I would describe my May 1st fasting experience as "loud" because it was a busy day of work and kids.  There wasn't enough quiet time to pause and reflect. But I did what I could, the Lord saw my heart, and now I'm looking forward to the next one.  

– Kara Clingenpeel, Staff Member