From Here to There

Dec 30, 2018    Jeff Humphrey

This 52nd week is a week where we are all caught between the year that was and the year that will be. The year that was has brought us to HERE… yet out THERE is 2019?

And not just with the calendar, but in other ways we can find ourselves in a place that is between HERE and THERE… Physically… Spiritually… Emotionally----- there is the reality of here and there.
In our walk with God and in our walk with others---- there is the reality of HERE and THERE. In fulfilling the purposes God put you on this earth--- there is the reality of here and there.
As individual children of God and as the church--- there is the reality of here and there. Wherever we find ourselves today it is good to look back with the Lord’s help to celebrate, to grieve, to with His help understand all the things that add up to the here and now… but we don’t want to get stuck in today. If we stay celebrating today or stay grieving it… it can become the thing that keeps us from fulfilling God’s destiny that is in front of us.